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-宇宙人 アタック * 杉ぴょん アクション


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The Lazy Samurai

Whenever I hear a word 'Japan' or see anything japanese I get butterflies in my stomach>.<
Have a voice fetish (I could go out with Sakurai-sama(in his case all inclusive with looks and sense of humour as a highlightXD) or Kappei-sama just for his voice, or even with Romi-sama even if she's a womanXD). If I could I would pay anything for a transplant of their vocal chords. I would record bunch of cd's just to hear myself 24/7.
Have a kansaiben fetish (going to live in Osaka just because I wanna hear kansaiben every day and night^^ Marrying Ryo Horikawa would be a good idea. His godly voice in kansaiben is just totally the bestXD)
I love sleeping in busses, trains and cars - they give better dreams than in comfy bed. And give better sleep anyway:P
I could do anything to get a piece of Minekura's or Arakawa's brainXD
I love playing otome games (aahh, the heaven for ears and all that bishies, just makes you wanna melt>.< honestly I have more lives than a cat-.-' from all the smexy whispers my heart stopped beating like hundred times already *.* and the moans on BL dramas, god I've melted so many times that I'm probably 100% water by nowXD)