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10 December 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Been a long time since I wrote, like always anyway>.<
But I will let u know it's my sisters fault this time :P She keeps the internet all to herself -.-
Starting today : WINTER HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!! (well, without counting the exams on Tuesday ><)
I have loads of wonderful plans for what to do on holidays *.* (but my plans usually fail so I wonder if maybe I should pretend I didn't make any...-.-')

Lately nothing new and nothing interesting happening...what a bummer :/
I kind of quit my part-time job at Abeton (kind of since I'm still working there but only on sundays, and that's for freakin 13h T.T)
I have to finally move my ass and look for something new or else next month ain't gonna look too good....
What a pain..really -.-'
Not much to write about XD それじゃあ、ここで失礼しますー

Oh, almost forgot >.< My new beautiful layout was made by pocketbiscuit
I'm soooo grateful *.* Ain't it cute XD
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28 August 2009 @ 12:34 am
It's getting late, I;m tired after work and have to wake up early for school but as I was getting ready to get engrossed in my blissful sleep, dreaming bout naked army of Sakupyons and all the great stuff I could do to them, or they to me, my rheumatism had to brutally remind me that it's still there, lurking around, waiting for the worst time possible to strike with it's unbearable pain. This time choosing my right hand as it's target:/  Just great....

So since I'm in desperate need for some distraction I was thinking bout writing here a piece of what I scribbled down in the middle of one of my todays lessons. To run away from the destructing power of boredom.
Nothing interesting but it's hard to produce something really creative when ur on the verge of turning into a zombie >.<

So here it is, whatever it is:

     I got on the train and looked around for my wagon. You probably expect here some fancy description of this Baroque styled train, which surely takes ur breath away on first impression, but sorry to dissapoint  u, I ain't gonna waste my time on such trivial things. Just use ur imagination for once.

Ok, I think my pain is getting gradually weaker so instead of finishing this up maybe I should try to get some sleep>.<
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18 July 2009 @ 11:23 am
In the end I never finished writing my previous note....
Which actually I knew was gonna happen....-.-'

Today I gotta go to work at 6 but before that I'll make a quick stop at solarium and an artist's shop ^^
I don't think there's a need to finish off that previous note since in the end, nothing came out of it, so let's just say nothing ever happened...
And here I was thinking I got really lucky :/
Maybe I should pay them a visit again >.< But I don't want to turn into a desperate, pestering stalker >.>

Last week I went to a Live House with Asukachan, which was really fun ^ ^ Especially that after she introduced me to  some band members (one was her high school friend). And I exchanged numbers with another of her friends since we're planning to go together for a club night on 31st. (that's like still a far future>.<).  And I'm hoping to really have some fun this time (e.g. find some cute guy:P)
There's just one small problem... I work on the next day, from 12, so I'll be probably more like a walking zombie than a waitress....
And the same day (the 1st), another club night (the izakaya guy's having a dj event there, so can't miss that one:P). Another hunt for guys XD
And next day work again, but I'm doing my best to get a day off since Asukachan want's to take me to Wakayama with her.
So I'll be like a double walking zombie.... If I end up working it'll be from 6 p.m so I can get some rest but if I'll end up in Wakayama it's gonna be some early morning, probably round 6 A.M.....
Ale czego nie robi sie dla takiej okazji XD

I'm having some problems with planning out my holidays....As if I didn't see that coming-.-'
Or I should say some major money problems....
I'm still not sure on which date I'll end up in Taiwan, which I so hope will really work.
I'll either go with Denise on the beginning of holidays or Ryouchan at the end.
The original plan was to go with Denise but she still can't get hold of tickets. Which doesn't mean she gave up on trying >.<
And I still don't have the re-entry permission ince I've got no clue for want date should I get it :/
Ok, I have 4 major plans for holidays:
ONE is to find a 2nd job (preferably 2 so I can finally quit Abeton....)
TWO is to go to Taiwan and finally spend some quality time with my beloved sea *.* I really miss it >.> (around a week)
THREE is to visit Okayama with Eda, Nancy and her bf Mike (his hometown) will go there for 3 days, probably
FOUR is to visit Wakayama with Asukachan (which is her hometown, and actually I'm not so sure anymore if it's Wakayama or Okayama....)

And the biggest problem with realizing 2, 3 and 4 is MONEY. Of coz it has to be that damn money....
I was thinking I could always borrow some from Ashura or Pony.....-.-' But asking is just so damn hard :/
I'm sure I'll figure it out in the end. I always do :P

Ok, gotta get ready for 30min of sweat, and unbearable heat...>.<
Ale czego nie robi sie dla urody XD

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03 July 2009 @ 04:55 pm
Ok, like always, anything that I plan, NEVER goes the way it's supposed to be.
But as sometimes luck's on my side, it gets better. SOMETIMES...-.-'

Anyway, last wednesday I was supposed to have a gorgeous date. Just SUPPOSED to have one....
Which didn't work, as u can guess by now...and it didn't really surprise me much :/
A mialo byc tak pieknie T-T
I was supposed to see Transformers, most probably, and then go eat something nice and on the way home to this and that and all, damn it...T-T
Something came up all of a sudden, he had to go to hospital or something. It was either true or I was just stood up >.<

anyway, I thought it would be a really bad day, with nothing going my way and all, BUT, and this time to my surprise, it was actually a pretty nice one. I gotta say I was quite lucky XD
I ended up seeing Transformers anyway, just with my dear cute Ryouchan which was really fun ^^
The movie was better than I expected but I wouldn't say it was as brilliant as people tend to say. But in general it was fun, nice and all and I don't regret going to see it.
After that, I remembered I left my bike on school grounds, and it was really pouring down by that time. My umbrella was together with my bike, so we had to use Ryouchan's (one person size, or lovers size XD).
As I got back to school, still in the pouring rain, my umbrella magically disappeared (which happened for the 2nd time already:/)
I decided to walk back all the way, since riding a bike in the rain sucks. I mean it. U can barely see what's in front of u.
So like on my way home there's a really nice kind of Izakaya, and since long time ago I kept thinking I really wanna go in and check it out, as it looked really nice and cozy. So I thought it was a perfect chance, especially there were no customers, just two cute guys working there (I mean, to waste a chance like that would be one of the many stupid things I often tend to do).

Now I gotta get ready, going to cinema to see something something Barcelona XD
I hope it's gonna be nice.
I'll finish writing this after I'm back. I hope so anyway>.<

Man, it's pouring down again....
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22 June 2009 @ 06:45 pm
Been a long time again...
But well, life's busy XD Or so i would like to say, but since lately I don't have much to do in my life, this excuse ain't working anymore >< Or maybe it never had...
It's funny that the more free u are the more disorganized u get. And u actually feel more tired. Like totally drained:/

Anyway, lately I've been trying to figure out my life, kinda.
For some time now, I've been kind of stuck in the middle of nothing. No purpose, and pretty much like a walking zombie.
School, work, school, work. And both dreadfully boring and purposeless.
I've been in Japan for over a year already and haven't done ANYTHING!
Such a waste>.<
Actually, time is ur enemy. Or I should say having too much of it. The less time u have the better u use it.
If u have more u just keep on putting off everything, believing there will still be time to do it. Plenty of time for everything.
But in the end u keep putting it off until u run out of time. Run out of the chances. And it's over. GAME OVER. And no re-load or a new game.

Anyway, next week I'm going on a date, woohoo XD
Ok, now I'm excited but I bet that when THE day comes I'll be freaking out>.<
Ok, no big deal, don't make a big deal out of it>.<
Decided on cinema but not on the movie yet. Dunno what would be the best choice:/
There's not much to choose actually... Terminator, nantoka orion, Transformers and i guess that's about it :/
Bad timing I should say....
I would love to see Orion but I bet I'm going to cry on it, which either would make me look like an idiot, or dunno...whatever..>.<

Gotta see my tv series XD
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