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29 April 2010 @ 06:56 am
About nothing?  
I keep failing at my attempts to study....
If this keeps up I can say goodbye to my bright future :/
I wonder if it's really gonna be so bright >.<
I was supposed to study Cold War today, and all I've managed, was reading only half of the chapter. And I don't even think that much of it was left in my head...
Oh well, maybe I'll do a better job tomorrow. Hope may be a mother of fools but, by principle, all mothers love their kids. At least their supposed to.

My puppy PREDATOR was driving me crazy today. I'm starting to wonder if he isn't secretly taking drugs or something. Either that, or he's just a looney. As if being sadistic wasn't enough, he's a masochist too. Which means that any attempts at any kind of self defense (usually ending up in violence), end up making him only more determined towards inflicting pain. Too bad that I always end up being the victim :/ I wish he would find a better target. Some toy, or a piece of furniture, ANYTHING. Why does he have to vent all his frustrations on me? I'm telling u, he's plain MEAN.
And although I tell him everyday how much I hate him, he still doesn't want to leave me alone >.< Maybe it doesn't work coz he knows that I love him anyway, lol. I should be more persuasive I guess :/
Well, I may say all that, but I still think that he's the most adorable thing, and I love him greatly :3 <3 <3 <3 And he's perfect for molesting, since he doesn't care what u do to him as long as u let him bite u >.<

I was planning to write something more constructive today, but oh well, screw that >.<
I guess I failed :3
Bearing in mind that failure is a mother of success, I'll end on a positive note and go to sleep _._ zZ

Oh, I just realized that my Criminal Minds are starting in 10 minutes >.<
Gotta go downstairs to watch it :3 I hope I won't wake up the beast....
Current Location: computer room
フィーリングだぜ: lazylazy
いる場所: PREDATOR's snoring, lol
Silvra: Mahiroauburn_leaves on April 29th, 2010 08:40 am (UTC)
Oj kido, kido, co ja z tobą mamXD Zamiast myśleć nad tym, czy twoja świetlana przyszłość dojdzie do skutku czy nie, weź się lepiej za naukęxD Wtedy na pewno wszystko ci się uda:3

Nie molestuj swojego psa!! D: Jak możesz być taka okrutna dla niego?T-T XD Wygląda na to, że macie z nim mnóstwo robotyXD Lepiej go porządnie wytrenujcie zanim wrócęxD Żeby mnie przypadkiem nie zjadł jak mnie zobaczy>.< 8D
マッドアーティスト: junjou <3chukocchana on April 29th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC)
Biore sie, biore :3 A przynajmniej probuje >.< Licza sie intencje:P

On lubi jak go molestuje :3 Jestemy siebie warci XD
Mamuske zawsze dobija jak wraca zmeczona z pracy XD
A wytresowac to ja go nie umiem >.< Slucha sie tylko taty, jak zwykle zreszta...-.-'

Musze isc wkoncu cos zjesc....
Silvra: WATCH MY COOLNESSauburn_leaves on April 30th, 2010 07:14 am (UTC)
Intencje intencjami, ale jak rezultatów nie ma, to na nic się one nie zdadzą:P

XDDD Założę się, że mnie też by słuchał 8D Tak jak TinaXD Podobno mamuśki się czasem słucha. Jesteście za miękkieXD